As a council member I plan work on issues that are non-partisan and at local community level. We need to ensure we are working on providing the best public services and experiences for everyone in our city.

Sean Fleming
  1. Work on local issues that affect our citizens directly.
  2. Work with community members bring their ideas to council and being a voice for all of our city citizens.
  3. Protect our Police and Fire Budget so that our citizens are responded to in a timely and properly while also keeping police professional.
  4. Work on Unifying our City with Events, City Programs for all of our community.
  5. Work with the DDA, Chamber of Commerce, and the City Offices on ways to help businesses succeed and grow.
  6. Work to find ideas and ways to revitalize aesthetics of the downtown area.
  7. Work to always to improve city services, such as Trash, Water Quality, Library, Parks and Recreation.
  8. Create a city of Inclusive to all by promoting new cultural experiences, city programs, city facilities and parks for all.