Hello, I am Sean Fleming. This is my family above sharing some time at the Detroit Zoo.

I have lived in Madison Heights since 2001 and several years ago, I decided to serve our city. In 2018, I ran for the open City Council seat. I had just graduated from the Madison Heights Citizens Academy to become familiar with the inner workings of our city departments. I was new to everyone. For those of you who don’t know me, let me introduce myself.

Community Service

I grew up in Oak Park and graduated from Ferndale High School. During High School I spent time in the Boy Scouts of the USA and the Jewish B’nai B’rith Youth Organization where I was an officer of my local BBYO chapter. I also worked at the recreation department of Oak Park. 

Unions and Law Enforcement

I am from a small Jewish Family from Oak Park Michigan. I am a third generation Ukrainian American. My parents were both Union workers, my mother a CWA employee at the phone company and my father who was an IBEW engineer. I also grew up in a family of Law enforcement. My Grandfather being a local hero police officer from the City of Akron Ohio and my father who was a reserve officer for Oak Park. I support Unions and Law Enforcement. 

and I landed my current job at the phone company where my mother worked. I have been working there ever since. I have been a union worker since 1999.


My other passion is to help veterans and I joined the VFW. As you may have read in the news there was an issue in the past with the Madison Heights VFW Post. I volunteered to become an officer of the post and eventually became the commander. As a commander of our local Madison Heights VFW, I was able to help save our local veterans organization. We were able complete a merger with another VFW post in Ferndale and create a larger and stronger VFW post. Paul W. Hornaday/Giles-Everingham VFW Post 1407 which serves both Ferndale and Madison Heights Veterans. I am an officer in this post. previously I have served as the district legislative liaison officer for the 5th district of Michigan VFW. I have worked with Michigan legislative representatives on veterans’ issues. I am familiar with the process of legislation getting passed in the state of Michigan.

Once I exited the Army I moved to Madison Heights, one of the great things I love here in Madison Heights is our Diverse community.

Emergency Management

In 2000 I started my journey toward becoming a volunteer Amateur Radio operator. I joined the Radio ARES group with the Oakland County Homeland Security Division. I received certificates for the FEMA Public Service ICS classes. This then led me to later become a volunteer deputy at the City of Southfield Emergency Management. 

One of the great assets I bring to our city is my experience in Emergency Management. In 2020 here in Madison Heights we had an emergency disaster event, a chemical hazard leak from an industrial building. As a trained emergency management official and past member of CERT (citizens emergency response team) with a training from FEMA and the US Army I can help lead and advise the city in any future emergency events. I also became an instructor for Emergency Communication Courses for the Amateur Radio Relay League for Amateur Radio Operators. An organization where I now am an appointed state officer. Within Amateur Radio I have been able to meet people from all walks of life, different customs, and languages. I also mentor others in Amateur Radio. I have also served as the president of a local Amateur Radio Club.

My experience from the military, volunteer work as an officer at the city of Southfield, and my early teen years where I worked for the city of Oak Park Michigan. 

Human Relations and Equity Commission Member

August 2020 I was appointed to the Human Relations and Equity Commission. My goal is to ensure equity for all and to build on community relationships. As a city council member, I will pursue the equity for all our community citizens and continue to promote unifying our city through programs, events, and promoting the fostering of relationships between the vast diverse community members of our city.

How I can help Madison Heights 

The reasons I am running for office are many but the most important reasons are to keep focus on local city issuesprotect our police and fire budget while also keeping police professional, Work with city offices on ways to help businesses and non-profits succeed, Work to always to improve city services, create a city Inclusive to all by promoting new cultural experiences and programs, and work with community members bringing their ideas to council and being a voice for all of our city citizens.

-Sean Fleming